When Twitter Retweet Can be Destructive

News 10:05 May 2024:

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Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best and advantageous social media platforms that can be helpful in so many ways – of course; this is only possible if you use it the right way.  While it is true that every user has the right to voice out what he or she thinks and post photos and videos of his or her choice, still as a Twitter user, you’ve got to be very responsible with what you circulate.

Prior posting whatever you have in mind, maybe it is of big help for you to go over the rules and policies that Twitter wishes its users to keep in mind. This is to save you from possible issues that may affect your online reputation in the long run if you unintentionally or unconsciously abuse your Twitter usage.

Many social media users at present are quite bold and forthright. Indeed, there are people who candidly voice out their opinions without regarding the consequences of their actions. While it is true that there is nothing wrong when expressing your emotions and viewpoints, still, you’ve got to be insightful and cautious enough to consider how your posts would affect you and your followers. This is why you have to think deeply first prior deciding whether your content is worth-posting or not.

When can Twitter Retweet be destructive?

The purpose of all social media platform is to help users expand their network, socialize, be exposed to lots of opportunities related to promoting themselves, business and jobs. Needless to say, there are limitless possibilities when you are in the social media world. However, not everyone takes advantage of these opportunities mainly because instead of using the platform positively and constructively, they use it to destruct or degrade others. This is actually a no-no in the world of social media.

As a Twitter user, will you feel happy commenting negatively or posting something that you know could only humiliate others? There are always good methods on how you can express complaints and disappointments; be reminded that you have to be careful with the words you use if you do not wish to have your Twitter account be banned, suspended or deactivated. In other words, you have to strive to become a responsible Twitter user.

When it comes to Twitter retweet, as much as possible avoid retweeting contents that are racy, vulgar and have nothing good to share no matter if such controversy is trending. This implies that just because nearly all users are talking about it, even if the topic is taboo or something that’s meant to harm or cause chaos, then you should go with the flow too.  Bear in mind that social media platforms are not designed just for nonsense discussions and acts.

If you desire to be known, be followed and trusted by many potential friends and customers in the social media world, then you’ve got to ensure that you are worth-following. This could be done and proved in what you share to them. Be responsible. Be different. Don’t just go with the flow.

Why Racy Posts are not good for Twitter Retweet?

While it is true that social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter encourage freedom of speech and let their users post whatever it is they would like to share to friends and even to public, still, there are rules that must not be taken lightly. Of course, even if it is your own page and you can decide what to share, this does not mean that you can just overlook the terms of use of these social media sites.

Since everyone can instantly use internet these days, as a responsible social media users, there are so many things that you should also consider when deciding to sign up for any of these sites. Sadly, not all users are responsible and considerate enough to act perceptively and to think about the possible consequence of every post they spread.

Children and minors can instantly use internet anywhere and anytime. Many of them even have their own accounts on various social media sites. Don’t you think this is quite alarming if you’re going to think discreetly? If you’re going to just post whatever it is you have in mind even if you know it’s something that minors shouldn’t be exposed with, then what do you think will be the consequence of this? 

Why sensitive contents must be restricted on social media platforms?  Why racy contents should not be considered for Twitter retweet?

The reason is quite obvious. Even though we are given the freedom of speech and the freedom tom manage our own social media accounts, you need to be a responsible human being. Consider your audience, even those you are not connected with- what about the minors that could accidentally see your racy and displeasing contents?

It cannot be denied that crimes have rapidly multiplied up until now. Somehow, the emergence of social media has great impact on this. Since people can search easily on the web and are able to see contents that are racy, provocative and misleading – it is saddening that other people’s thoughts are twisted and poisoned causing them to commit crimes out of desperation.

To boot, the many benefits of the rise of social media are really overwhelming, it is without any shadow of doubt to say that these have also serve many useful roles when it comes to communication, business and other opportunities provided they are used appropriately. However, other users whose sole purpose is to spread profanity, lewdness and disengagement are the ones who taint the usefulness of social media platforms these days.

If every user will not consider Twitter retweets that have no value; then we can be assured that profanity, lewdness and disengagement won’t be spread particularly to minor social media users. However, the sad reality is that this is difficult to control. Since we are individuals with different thoughts, beliefs and values – it is inconceivable to encourage everyone to stay away from futile contents that do not offer any constructive purposes.

Now, what kind of Twitter user are you? Are you one of the few responsible ones?