Twitter Moments and Twitter Automatic Likes


On Twitter, when you come across “moments”- this pertain to curated stories that manifest the most pleasant events emerging on Twitter. The guides on this special feature of Twitter are customized in order to reveal users’ recent topics which are relevant or renowned. This is for users to easily unveil what is unfolding on Twitter much faster.

Generally, there are a number of frequently asked queries regarding Twitter moments. Such questions comprise of the following:

o          Why do some moments appear distinct?

Some moments will show distinctly like horizontal or vertical scroll – this hinges on the Twitter client that you are currently utilizing.

o          Is it possible to create a moment?

Definitely yes! Making your very own moment is a piece of cake. Refer to Twitter’s official website and go over the ways on how you can instantly form your own moments.

o          Is it feasible to report content in a moment?

Users could possibly report content through the following components:

  1. a) individual tweets within a moment
  2. b) multiple moment’s components
  3. c) Moment’s cover through Twitter website

o          In what way can users get their tweets included in a moment?

Please be guided that it is not possible to add your tweets to other user’s moment. It is crucial to understand that only the moment creator could decide which posts to include in this feature.

o          How do users get their posts deleted from a moment?

It is good to know that any public tweet could be included in a moment. This means that if you wish to have your posts deleted from a moment that was authored by other user, it is possible for you to block the account- this then will delete your post/s from their moment.

o          Can users view the amount of engagement their moments obtained? What about Twitter automatic likes?

Absolutely, yes! Users could see the engagement metrics for their moments through resorting to Twitter’s official website. More than that, there are a number of moments that might be labeled as having sensitive type of contents. For further details regarding such sensitive contents, you may carefully review the sensitive policies of Twitter.


o          How can users report several components of a moment for some violations?

1)         Refer to Moments reporting form.

2)         Type the Moment URL that you wish to report.

3)         Choose the kind of concern that you would like to report to Twitter.

4)         See to it that you provide a minimum of five tweets within the Moment that contain any sorts of violations.

Once you have properly and completely handed in your report, you shall be provided with proper recommendations for actions that you could carry out to enhance your Twitter experience even more.

It is important to be aware of the policy that when you report potential violations with regards to the terms and service on Twitter through its Help Center, users might be asked to enable the Help Center to share components of their reports with third parties- this may include the affected account.  As you can see, you should not merely focus on having more Twitter automatic likes, you’ve got to strictly follow Twitter’s terms and services too.

Ensuring that Automatic Likes Work for You

The one common misconception about automatic likes is that their results are also automatic. This is not the case. For you to get results from the use of automatic likes you actually have to put in the work. It is crucial to understand that these likes are only referred to as automatic due to the fact that they are system generated. The word automatic is not used to mean that they will just bring you results. They have however been proven to be very effective if coupled up with the right amount of work. What then do you need to do to ensure that they do deliver for you?

First and foremost, ensure that your target market is well defined. Do not just dive in head first into all this. You have to have a plan. The plan has to have outlined objectives and the people that you intend to reach. You can be sure that without a defined target market your campaign will not be successful. Remember that communication is not just about sending messages but about the people receiving the message understanding it. Take your time to ensure that this is achieved. People can only understand a message if it was intended for them and if they relate to it.Define your target market before you start employing automatic likes on your social media pages.

Make sure your content is good. The content that you put up on social media goes a long way in determining whether or not your campaign will be successful. The automatic likes will definitely get you the visibility you need. This visibility will mean that you have managed to capture the audience’s attention. You will however need to retain that attention; this cannot be done without good content. Make sure that you do invest time and effort in content development. Post content that your target audience will relate to; tell them what they want to hear; unless they do appreciate your content, your message will not get across.

Make sure that you work with a professional automatic likes’ service provider. There is a tendency in the market to rush for the cheap offers that are aggressively advertised everywhere. It is true that with these offers you get good deals and you get to save on money but do you get the effectiveness that you need to make your campaign a success? Take the time to consider this. Do not rush for the first service provider you come across. Take the time to conduct your due diligence and make sure that you are working with someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Get a well experienced and professional service provider. Such a provider will not just provide the likes for you; they will take the extra step to advise you on how best to use them to ensure that your campaign succeeds.  Remember that the word automatic is not meant to tell you that you will get instant success; put in the work and effort required.